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  If you can understand what Mona Lisa is smiling about, then I will know what they are thinking.
  撰文/孙哲 Written by: Sun Zhe
  任何一个活生生的,有血有肉的人,一旦出现在这些背景雷同手法相似的广告中,她就开始变得奇怪起来,她成为一个纯粹的象征符号,状态  令人难以捉摸,这很像那张著名的画作《蒙娜丽莎的微笑》里的女主人公,我们只知道她是个悠闲的有钱妇女,可是谁也无法断定她表情中所寓意的喜怒哀乐,同样,我们也不知道这些出现在广告中的著名女性的真正想法,没有比这更表象化的事情了。尤其在AUPRES的彩妆广告中,赵薇用一种失魂落魄的眼神注视着大家,你无法考证她是否开心,是否对自己的生活满意,她似乎被自己所代言的商品吞噬掉了自己。产品商人一直在试图制造一种简单明了,通俗易懂的广告风格,而那些名女人们是工具,可是她们的状态看上去似乎连自己都没有说服,我不知道有多少人会对这些缺少灵魂的美丽玩偶着迷,这也许离商人的初衷距离甚远,可在某些时候,它成为现实。

  Unexceptionally, they all have perfect complexions. No matter if she is Zhang Ziyi, Maggie Zhang, popular Korean plastic beauties, or the unknown new advertising actress, no matter what they are selling, VISA card, essence cream or shampoo, the image focus will be their seemingly perfect faces. It reminds us of beautiful words, for example, the freshest fruits, the tenderest rose and the most innocent angel. Only people in the fashion industry know the backstage stories of such angelic creations, when creative and mutually discriminating fashion workers finally cooperate with each other. The idea director of the commodity leads the expensive hairdresser, wardrobe expert, stylist, star or model, charging on an hourly basis. All of them are paid to shoot a completely unreal face in a studio as luminous as polar day. They are dream creators and they love it. When a worker modifies pictures of famous women into perfection with an Apple computer, concealing the blemishes on our bodies left by God, they are proud of it. They care nothing of the real faces of those models. As cocoa powder and sugar are only disorderly materials for a skilled baker, and his focus is to bake them into a decorative cake.
  Actually, it is a process of visualizing “beauty”. Under the requirement and direction of powerful product manufacturers, fashion workers try to define standards of “beauty” for the public. This motivation is relevant to art creation, but more important, it is designed to meet the demands of a huge and globalized market.
  Does “beauty” need its standards? If there was only one standard of “beauty” left, how would we face it? Would you take the risks of being regarded as “out-of-date”, having “no taste” or being “ugly and disgusting”? Would you fight against such standards of “beauty”?
  The whole process of modern industrialization tries to simplify and standardize all of our opinions about every step we make, whether it is in fashion, home decoration or the food in our refrigerators. For modern people with a sense of responsibility, any idea beyond those provided by manufacturers can be immoral. Stereotypes are the fruits of modern industry, as well as the key to lowering production costs. If women all around the world have the same idea of “beauty”, “beauty” products are more easily sold around the world. They have been doing this for years and have achieved decisive success.
  In his “Standards” series of POP style, Yang Mian expresses his opinion about increasingly simple and repeated standards of “beauty”. His opinion may express his worry, his sense-of-humor or irony, but I don’t see it as anger. Even though there is an electric wave-like line in each painting, I don’t think it represents strong provocation. For either an artist or a common person, it is difficult to fight against the order of our existing lives on a grand scale. Though it is a hegemonic   And single “standard”, it has its necessity and value of existence.
  Appearing in these advertisements with similar background and methods, any real and vivid person would become strange. She becomes a pure symbol, with ambiguous status. Like the woman in the famous painting Mona Lisa; we know that she is a leisurely and rich woman, but nobody can define the emotion in her expression. Similarly, we don’t know the real thoughts of famous women in advertisements. There is nothing more idealized than this. In particular, in the make-up advertisement of AUPRES, Zhao Wei gazes at the audience with a distracted expression. We are unable to discover if she is happy and satisfied with her life. It seems that the products she is representing devoured her. Product manufacturers are trying to create a simple and understandable advertising style, and these famous women are only tools. However, it seems that they cannot even persuade themselves. I don’t know how many people these soulless and beautiful dolls enchant. It might be far away from the original intention of those manufactured. But sometimes it is true.

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